Friday With Dante

Ellingsen Photography Kodak Portra 160 Film Scans-Dante Sleeping

This week’s edition is not your average, because it’s been a real week of ups and downs for Dante and I. I’ll try to spare you guys the ickier details, but last Sunday I took him to our local vet after I found blood in his stool and he was clearly not feeling well. (Backstory: he had a small tumor removed in the fall of 2008, and they told me then he had 50/50 odds of something coming back. So of course I’m paranoid.)

After examining him as much as he could, the vet determined that the anal gland was swollen, and it was either an abscess or (gulp) a mass. I would have to bring Dante back the next day so he could put him under sedation so he could go in and try to extract fluid for examination. We were given antibiotics and sent home. It was about then that my migraine exploded full-force, and after throwing up everything I’d eaten that day (gee, stressbucket much?), Dante and I both crawled into bed at my parents house. Good thing I was already there, having stayed over after celebrating my birthday the night before!

Problem is, after his procedure on Monday, the vet couldn’t tell me much. He couldn’t extract any fluid, so it either means the abscess drained itself, or it’s a mass. We have a follow up this Monday and it all depends on whether the gland’s swelling has reduced or not.

Needless to say, I’ve been a bit of a mess this week. Never mind other crazy things going on with close friends! At first Dante did a lot of sleeping, like in the photo, but he’s perked up a lot. When I took him to our local park Wednesday he had a crazy case of the zoomies, but mostly he just wants to be cuddled nonstop. I would too, after an experience like that.

So can you lovely readers do us a huge favor and send us good, anti-swelling thoughts this weekend? It would really make my month.


Emotionally Wrung Out


P.S. I don’t know where I would be without all the help I got from my parents. Truly.