Friday With Dante

I love Dabito’s “Sunday With Beatrice” feature on his brilliant blog so much that I’ve decided to rip him off start my own version, Friday With Dante. Why not blog about him more than I already do, right?  :)

This one came from the roll of Kodak Ektar film that I’ve been sharing this week. He’s in one of his two beds downstairs (he considers my bed upstairs to be his, so no need for one there). Such a rough life he has…

Ellingsen Photography Ektar Film Scans Dante and His Bed

Nikon FM with a 50mm lens, Kodak Ektar 100 film

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Any fun plans? I’ll mostly be puttering around the house and checking things off my TeuxDeux list, since the next couple weekends will be pretty hectic. Speaking of which, I can’t believe the Humane Society Walk in San Diego is next weekend! Where has the time gone?