For Each Other

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Last night was the monthly meeting of a photography group I participate in called Fast Track Photographers. These groups were started by a super awesome guy, Dane Sanders, who wrote a book called Fast Track Photographer that really revolutionized the photography industry. Basically, along with challenging the “old guard”, he also wrote a lot about the idea of photographers helping each other instead of competing, which is why the groups are also called FEOs, or “For Each Other”. :)

Naturally, I love this philosophy, and so do a lot of other photographers, as it turns out. My close friend Nancy brought me to a meeting in January and I’ve been to almost every one since! In fact a few months ago Dane came and spoke to us himself, which was so nice of him and incredibly inspiring. We also had the Youngrens come and do a fantastic presentation.

This month we did a headshot night so people could trade headshots of each other. I actually brought my dad’s old film camera to challenge myself and really play, and I can’t wait to get the roll developed! We had so much fun shooting and playing with off-camera flash and then settled in for s’mores in Jen’s fabulous backyard.

So if you’re in the industry, or even just thinking about getting started and want to learn more, these groups are made up of the friendliest people and the meetings are totally free! There’s nothing like talking shop with someone who knows exactly what you mean. :) If you’re in the SoCal area you can find out more about our group here, and if you’re not you can easily find one in your area.

I really hope you’ll join us, and happy Friday everybody!