Road Trippin' :: Encinitas

Before I was so rudely interrupted by illness, I had meant to share with you a few photos from the weekend before last, when my mom, Sarah and I ventured down to Encinitas to visit my cousin Sarah and her hubby Jim in their new(ish) condo. Of course we brought the pups!
It had been rainy and chilly leading up to that Saturday, but the day itself was absolutely perfect. We couldn’t have asked for prettier weather!

Ellingsen Photography Encinitas Weekend-Coastline

Dante does great on long car rides if I bring his favorite blankie to snuggle in:

Ellingsen Photography Encinitas Weekend-Dante Napping

Naturally, upon arrival we discovered that their new place is absolutely adorable. Love what they’ve done! Sarah incorporated pretty pieces honoring her Indian heritage, and the patio is absolutely amazing because they both love being outside. Jim’s flower beds are exploding!

Ellingsen Photography Encinitas Weekend-Sarah's Decor

Ellingsen Photography Encinitas Weekend-Jim's Flowers

Their dog, Taj (as in Mahal) is a gorgeous and sweet doberman-German shorthair mix. After being around Anja so much we’d forgotten how big he is! He’s got at least 30 pounds and a foot on her. He’s also scared of cats (but don’t tell him I told you).

Ellingsen Photography Encinitas Weekend-Taj the Doberman Mix

At six years old, he’s now the older pup of the group, and he graciously put up with Anja and Dante tearing around the place and playing with his toys. His expressions were priceless – clearly the dignified gentleman putting up with a puppy’s antics! :)

He also might be a bit of a spoiled mama’s boy (like I’m one to talk!) and has a giant beanbag all for himself, that he loves to lay in and look out the sliding door to the patio.

Ellingsen Photography Encinitas Weekend-Taj the Doberman Mix

Let’s not mention the cabinet full of dog toys…

Before lunch we took the dogs down to their community off-leash dog park, which is ridiculously huge and beautiful. It’s basically a little canyon that they’ve landscaped, with a little stream that the dogs can jump over (or play in, if you’re not fast enough). I’m an idiot and decided to leave the camera behind to have my hands free, but I couldn’t resist a few iPhone photos! Here’s Anja on the way down, and then her and Dante reveling in the awesome park:

Ellingsen Photography Encinitas Weekend-Instagrams

Now, if only I could find a condo community like that around here…

Thanks for letting us come and play, Sarah! You know we’ll be back soon! :)