December Desktop Background

I think this may be the least prepared I’ve ever been heading into Christmas, but it’s for such great reasons I’m finding it hard to worry. :) Life has been wonderful and kept me so busy these past six months! And I love this time of year so much, I refuse to let myself get too stressed about it and make sure that I enjoy it as much as possible before it’s gone again. Who’s with me?!

I snagged this shot of my roommate’s and my tree last year, and I love this ornament in particular because it’s one my Norwegian aunt stitched for me (I believe, it might have been another relative) for my first Christmas in 1983. Looking good for 30! I went straight for this shot, got all the sizes designed, and then realized I did something pretty similar last year, but oh well. Who doesn’t enjoy being reminded of the sparkly lights and that amazing pine smell?

Ellingsen Photography Free Desktop Background Christmas Tree December 2013-web preview

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Anybody else feel like December really snuck up on them this year? Must be because Thanksgiving fell so late in the month…or I’m just looking for any excuse. At any rate, hope you had a great holiday, and no matter what you’re celebrating this month, I hope you’re embracing it with open arms!