Dante's New Collar

After I spent time looking for a fabulous new collar for Dante, searching Etsy high and low, and polling readers on my personal blog as to their favorites, I wound up with this adorable dog collar that I randomly found while browsing my local feed store. I know, I’m totally lame! But just look at it – how could I resist?

The collar is part of a collaboration between AKC and Aspen Pet, and they’re calling them eco-friendly because the webbing (aka the inside lining) is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and the clasp and metal ring are both partially made from recycled materials. Also, I can’t pretend the $6.25 price tag didn’t help my decision making! It’s a win-win. :)

Plus, Dante is clearly a fan (what, you don’t see the excitement?). ;) It’s a lighter weight and flatter around his neck as compared to the old one, which matters when your dog is all of 15 pounds soaking wet. So I guess that makes it win-win-win?

Now he’s all set for his upcoming fifth (!) birthday. I think he’ll be getting a hot dog all to himself that day too. :)


P.S. The grass really is that green right now! Not the norm for dry SoCal at all.