Coming at You, 2018


The second half of 2017 really flew by, but I have a good reason - we're expecting a baby girl in mid February! 

If we're friends on social media I'm sure you saw our announcement photo above - Joel and I are big fans of kettlebells, so when the idea for this shot occurred to me I knew it was perfect. And how cute is that tiny 10 lb bell?

I'm just so thankful everything is progressing normally and with nothing but the usual symptoms (except for my chronic migraines, which came roaring back after the first trimester, but with all these crazy hormones I probably should have expected it). I think I've got about the most standard pregnancy going on, knock on wood! Especially since we went through a miscarriage almost exactly a year ago, which was devastating at the time but has really made it so darn easy to be grateful for everything.

My mom got the photo below when my parents visited at the beginning of December (I was about 30 weeks along), and I feel like it perfectly sums up where I'm at right now. An egg on legs. :)


2017 was a banner year for us, we did so much and have come so far since our move to Reno a little more than 2 years ago, and I know 2018 has even more in store! Besides adding to our family, we plan on buying a home, taking a real vacation and I'll be leaving my job and working from home part time. So many changes, so much opportunity! We're coming at you, 2018!


Hope this year is the best year yet for all of you too! Any exciting plans? I think I'm going to go take a nap.