September Desktop Background

Einstein said some amazing things, don’t you think? He always has the best quotes, and I thought this one was especially appropriate for this photo. It was taken up in Idyllwild last month, when we went for the weekend to watch the Perseid meteor shower. In the super early morning we went back out to see the alignment of Jupiter, the moon and Venus before sunrise.

Ellingsen Photography September 2012 Desktop Background Freebie-Preview

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The whole night was incredibly awe-inspiring. We humans never get tired of looking up and wondering, do we?


P.S. Fonts are Populaire, Ballpark and Pea Panda’s Doodles (for the star).

10 Things

Shoes, mountains, books, fresh fruit, Indiana Jones. Seems like a rational list for what’s making me happy right now, right?

1. Escaping to the mountains. It felt sooo good to go up to the mountains (Idyllwild, to be exact), even if it was just for a night. The meteor shower was amazing, we saw about 22 meteors in just an hour! And Dante loved it too.

Ellingsen Photography Idyllwild Vista

2. The perfect summer sandal. I found these on sale at Steinmart, and I love that they put just enough of a spin on the basic summer/gladiator sandal. I’ve been wearing them constantly. (Please pardon my need for a pedicure.)

Ellingsen Photography Gomax Sandals

3. Newsroom. If you get HBO, I really hope you’re watching it! It fills the void that the end of West Wing left. And who doesn’t love Jeff Daniels?

4. My Daguerrotype Boyfriend. This Tumblr thrills my history nerd heart. It’s practically a vintage version of Tiger Beat, except you don’t feel guilty about reading it because it’s historical. I mean, who knew Winston Churchill looked like this when he began his career? Even in England, all you ever see are the iconic WWII-era photos.

My Daguerrotype Boyfriend Winston Churchill

5. Cooking with Trader Joe’s. For my fellow TJs addicts. So far I’ve tried the Tamale Bake (except I substituted beef for soy chorizo), which was super good and made a ton, and I’ve got several others bookmarked to try. I think I’m going to need their cookbook!

6. Reading, reading, reading.The Night Circus was wonderful, I really loved the interrupted timeline – having to keep track of what happened when made for a more interesting read! I tore through A Feast for Crows and I’m excited that the next in the series, A Dance with Dragons, just arrived yesterday. I’m also reading The Book Thief (finally) and loving it! (Anyone else constantly read several books at once?) And I’m almost done with The Lighthouse, which my parents suggested and loaned to me. It’s not my favorite detective story, but a good enough “whodoneit” to make me want to finish. For business, Worth Every Penny is a great investment. On top of the stack is a Rifle notbook Lindsey sent me as a thank you that I’ve been using as a daily gratitude journal.

Ellingsen Photography Book Stack August 2012

7. Makeup by Tiffany D. I think I stumbled on her video tutorials via Pinterest or something a while back, and I’m officially a fan. She’s a total pro while still being completely approachable and sweet. I’ve used mineral powder foundation for years, but lately my skin hasn’t been so happy with my usual routine. So I’ve been doing her process for lighter foundation for a couple weeks now and love it! I pretty much use all the products in this video, including the brush, which is super helpful. The woman hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

8. The Farmer’s Market in summer. There’s nothing like it. A few weeks ago they did a special “Dog Days of Summer” night and it was so fun! My mom and I picked up an orange mini cake to share from this local company called Orange Clementine, and it was SO GOOD. We were kicking ourselves we didn’t get one for each of us, it was so delicious. I’m thinking of requesting a full size one for my birthday. Mmmm…

Ellingsen Photography Fullerton Farmers Market iPhone

9. This quote. I guess that explains why my favorite color is green, right? Illustration by Lisa Congdon.

Lisa Congdon Day 232

10. Indy returns to the big screen. I found out about this event via Facebook, and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I loves me some Star Wars, but Indiana Jones (the trilogy, not so much the fourth one) is where it’s at and where it all started for me. My friends can testify to how obsessed I can be. And now I get to watch all the movies, in a row, in the theater! Can’t wait!

So enliven my Thursday for me – what’s floating your boat lately?


Adventures on Film :: California Science Center

These are the few film shots I managed to capture at the California Science Center when I went to the Cleopatra exhibit earlier this summer, until I unexpectedly finished the roll before we even got into the exhibit. Oops! More from the exhibit here.

{Kodak Ektar 100 film on my trusty Nikon FM and 50mm f/2 lens.}

They have this lovely display of hanging balls (sorry…no other way to describe them!) above a fountain outside the entrance, with changing colored lights. It made for super cool shadows.

Ellingsen Photography Kodak Ektar Film California Science Center-Entry
Ellingsen Photography Kodak Ektar Film California Science Center-Entry Colors

This shows where you come out of the Cleopatra exhibit, to a collage of all the different film and stage incarnations.

Ellingsen Photography Kodak Ektar Film California Science Center-Cleopatra Exhibit Display

While we waited for our time slot to see the exhibit, we wandered around the air and space part of the museum. Love that you can see my dad in the background of this shot of the burnt-up bottom of an early space capsule.

Ellingsen Photography Kodak Ektar Film California Science Center-Dad and Space Capsule

It’s a bit out of focus, but this early space suit is too amazing not to share! Two thoughts: 1) how crazy skinny was the guy who wore it; and 2) I want those boots.

Ellingsen Photography Kodak Ektar Film California Science Center-Vintage Space Suit

Beware of blast!

Ellingsen Photography Kodak Ektar Film California Science Center-Beware of Blast

Have you guys done any fun day trips so far this summer? Up next for me is an overnight up in the mountains this weekend, so we can actually see the Perseid meteor shower. I’m so excited!


Adventures on Film :: Star Wars Exhibit

Previously I mentioned that my friend Jeff and I spent an afternoon geeking out at the Star Wars exhibit at the Discovery Science Center, and I was happy to relive that awesome feeling when I got my film scans back this week. Again, I have to say I’m so impressed with how the Kodak Ektar 100 film handled low light! Especially for this shot of an AT-AT model that must’ve been at least a foot tall:

Ellingsen Photography Ektar Film Scans Star Wars Exhibit AT-AT

Is it grainy? Sure, but it still looks damn good for how pitch dark it was in there. Here’s some more favorites – two different size models of the Millenium Falcon, Luke in his X-wing (complete with mini R2!), Yoda, and Padme’s kick ass fighting costume:

Ellingsen Photography Ektar Film Scans Star Wars Exhibit Millenium Falcon Small
Ellingsen Photography Ektar Film Scans Star Wars Exhibit Millenium Falcon Cockpit
Ellingsen Photography Ektar Film Scans Star Wars Exhibit Millenium Falcon Detail
Ellingsen Photography Ektar Film Scans Star Wars Exhibit Lukes X-Wing
Ellingsen Photography Ektar Film Scans Star Wars Exhibit Yoda and Padme

Jeff and I wandered the exhibit for over an hour, trying not to completely freak out over the idea that we were looking at actual costumes, props and models from the films. And we were also trying not to trample any kids. They were everywhere, and I just loved seeing the next generation of fanboys and fangirls get educated! :)


Adventures on Film :: LA's Natural History Museum

Back in February, the girls and I spent a day up in LA, and I left my dSLR behind in favor of my dad’s old Nikon FM with a fresh roll of Kodak Ektar 100 film, which I hadn’t tried before. With it only being 100 speed, I knew I was pushing it in the darker areas of the museum, and I thought for sure half the roll would turn out blurry and dark (most of the interior shots were taken at about f/2, 1/30). But when I finally finished the roll and got it developed, I was in love with the results!

For this day trip we started out with brunch at Luca on Sunset, which was seriously delicious, and I hope to get there again next time I’m in the area. We stopped by Necromance to see their amazing taxidermy (albino peacock!) and browse their curiosities, but there was no photos allowed, dangit. Then we headed over to the main event for the day, the Natural History Museum. I don’t remember ever going there, although my parents assured me I did when I was little.

At any rate, I just loved the building itself, and their new dinosaur installation is incredible. So much to do! But I love that they still kept their old school dioramas and other displays. Even the new entrance with it’s vertical rock wall (behind Katie below) was awesome.

Ellingsen Photography LA Natural History Museum-Katie
Ellingsen Photography LA Natural History Museum Old Entrance Ceiling
Ellingsen Photography LA Natural History Museum Elephants
Ellingsen Photography LA Natural History Museum Buffalo
Ellingsen Photography LA Natural History Museum Polar Bear
Ellingsen Photography LA Natural History Museum Tusks
Ellingsen Photography LA Natural History Museum T-Rex
Ellingsen Photography LA Natural History Museum-The Girls
Ellingsen Photography LA Natural History Museum Proust Quote

Don’t you just love that quote? As the museum was starting to close, we headed over to Nikki and Katie’s favorite bar in LA, Tiki Ti. It’s tiny, cash only, their drinks pack a hell of a punch, and the atmosphere is amazing. I loved it – highly recommended as a cap to a fantastic day!  :)