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An Extravaganza Booth

The Fullerton Pooch Park’s 5th Anniversary celebration this past weekend was wonderful! There were all kinds of local vendors, agility and training demonstrations, food trucks, giveaways, the whole nine yards. We really had a great turnout! I met so many awesome people and their dogs. This is my first time doing an event as a vendor and it was a fantastic learning experience. My neighbor was Aimee Grove, a consultant for Thirty One Gifts. She’s super sweet and has an adorable beagle-dachshund mix named Pee Wee. And across the way was a booth for BARK therapy dogs – Beach Animals Reading with Kids. If only Dante could sit nicely for as long as their awesome dogs did!

I have to send out HUGE thanks to:

  • my mom for making the flower arrangements, bringing everything I didn’t think of, and helping me man the booth all day,
  • Nancy for loaning me the table and umbrella (and all her advice),
  • Nikki and Heather, for helping me sort out how to arrange my display, and
  • Lizzy for helping a frantic version of me narrow down which photos to get prints of.  :) (It’s like choosing your favorite child!)

Because I feel like I rarely see many photogs sharing their booth setups, here’s mine! Yes, I would have loved to have a slideshow going on an iPad, but while I’m saving up for one, an old-school portfolio book did the trick. Plus it got people to stop and chat longer.  ;)

Ellingsen Photography Fullerton Dog Park Event Vendor Booth

Like my shirt? It’s special just for volunteers at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center.  :)

Ellingsen Photography Fullerton Dog Park Event Vendor Booth

I got really lucky when shopping for supplies for my display. All the prints and postcard flyers are from my awesome printer, ProDPI. The cute little branch-like stands I found on special at Michaels. The green basket, navy and white tablecloth and bone-shaped white dishes are from TJ Maxx. Once the sun and heat came out, the one holding my business cards became an impromptu water dish for visiting pups.

Ellingsen Photography Fullerton Dog Park Event Vendor Booth Details
Ellingsen Photography Fullerton Dog Park Event Vendor Booth Details
Ellingsen Photography Fullerton Dog Park Event Vendor Booth Details

The whole event is designed to raise funds for the Fullerton Dog Park Foundation, because they manage the property on behalf of the City – including annual re-seedings of the grass. Those don’t come cheap, so I was happy to help them out in some small way. I hope it was a huge fiscal success for them! You can see their photos of the event on Facebook right here.


Happy Friday!

Ellingsen Photography Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

Mmm pumpkin pie…I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! This year my parents are hosting quite a few friends and family members, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m sure I’ll be making Pioneer Woman’s Whiskey Glazed Carrots and Butternut Squash Puree...again. They’re so good, I’ll take any excuse to make them. It’s like you get dessert during dinner! :)

It’s a gloomy and chilly Friday around here, so here’s a few good links for those of you trying to hibernate like me.

  • My shutter sister Nancy shared her pumpkin soup recipe this week. Go get you some! I can personally vouch for how delicious it is. :)
  • My future child is totally having a Star Wars nursery like this one, no question.
  • Some fantastic ideas for eco-friendly and inexpensive/free shipping materials over at the Etsy blog.
  • I totally want to try making these apple cider donuts. Doesn’t Jacqueline’s photography make you drool? Love her work!
  • Kaylah over at the Dainty Squid did a fantastic blog about Estate Sales 101. So helpful for a novice like me!
  • If you’re looking for a great gift for any owl-loving friends, you can create a super cute custom owl art calendar for free at My Owl Barn! (Found via How About Orange.)
  • And speaking of gifts, I’ve been pinning different free printable holiday gift tags like crazy. My favorite so far are these from Blush Printables, these from Giverslog and these from Domestifluff. Or I might just do big initials right on the wrapping paper with washi tape, haven’t decided yet.
  • Also, Ez at Creature Comforts has put out her 2nd annual issue of Gifted magazine! It’s so lovely and chock full of inspiration.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’m planning on some quality time with my mom and a puppy play date, mixed in with some errands and computer work.