November Desktop Background

I have a secret - this photo was actually taken in June. In Norway. In my aunt and uncle's backyard on a rainy afternoon. But with the blustery couple of days we've been having here during my final days in SoCal, it felt pretty perfect. Hope you guys enjoy!

September Desktop Background

I didn't intend for this month's desktop to come out so macabre, but I suppose it reflects what's been going on for me personally. Lots of planning, figuring out what I really want and how to take control of my future, instead of waiting for things to happen!

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I shot this at the edge of one of the many farms surrounding my dad's hometown of Randaberg, Norway. Even in the harsh midday sun it's beautiful. Plus I love how this shows the glory of a 50mm lens when you shoot wide open (in this case, f/2.0).


P.S. Font is Mathlete.

August Desktop Background

This image screams Norway in summer to me - the stone wall, flowerbed bursting with color, white peaked-roof house in the background. We got lucky with truly perfect weather that day. This was shot in Gamle Stavanger, which is one of my favorite places in the world thanks to its steep cobblestone streets, perfectly preserved 18th and 19th century homes and (in summer) flowers and greenery everywhere.

So here I was struggling to work in a quote that didn't take away from the image, when I realized it was just so much better off by itself. (Gasp! Breaking my routine!) But here's the one I was feeling, in case you're curious. :)

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Past August desktop: 2012

I can't wait to share more soon. (Anyone want to come and be my editor? Because I'm too biased and want to share everything. I'll pay you in Mexican food.)


July Desktop Background

So I was sitting here, trying to find the right quote to go with the right image (from my trip to Norway, of course), when I finally realized what to do. Keep it simple. So I went with the mantra I kept repeating to myself while we were there, because I'd get so excited about what we were doing and start worrying that I wouldn't capture all the beauty I was seeing. There were a couple times I had to make myself take a step back, lower the camera away from my face, and just take some deep breaths and enjoy what was happening.

I can't be alone in this weird anxiety, right? It sure seems like living in/for the moment is something we all work on.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy. So much more to come from that trip. :)

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Past July desktops: 2012 

For those of you in the States, hope you have a wonderful long weekend!


P.S. The lovely font is Egregio Script by Fonts Cafe.

May Desktop Background

It was 80 degrees inside my house when I sat down to design a new desktop, so it's no surprise that this photo of lovely cocktails my friends made before dinner was super appealing.

Sitting on their patio, having great conversation while sipping drinks as the sun went down - it's easy to take a deep breath and relax. But when you're running around after work, trying to get to everything on your list - not so much. So I made this to be a regular reminder this month, as I have a tendency to always be thinking ahead (especially with an impending trip to Norway the beginning of June). Hope this helps you as much as it does me!

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Past May desktops: 2012 | 2013

Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Font is Satisfy, a Google freebie by Sideshow Fonts.