SBACC Adoptables :: Chief & O'Malley

I don’t know why the heck I thought these two cuties had been adopted already when I went to share this month’s group of adoptable dogs, but turns out I’m a total nincompoop (surprise). So please to enjoy the adorableness that is Chief and O’Malley, currently still available at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center.

Chief is one of the most handsome Staffordshire Bull Terriers I think I’ve ever seen – add that goofy smile and you’ve got a killer combo! He’s a total teddy bear who just loves playing with his ball. Pretty much all the volunteers are completely smitten with him, and when you’re around his happy-go-lucky attitude it’s easy to see why.

O’Malley has a bit more of a distinguished demeanor than our buddy Chief, but every bit as sweet. :) He was found as a stray and gets along well with everybody, including other dogs. I kinda love his adorable short “puppy cut”, don’t you? Especially with those cute little ears! (He found the sun to be a bit bright…or he got bored with my camera in his face.)

As always, please share if you or someone you know is looking for a new furry family member!