Catching Up

Well, that was a fun three-day stomach flu bender! No really, the weight loss was totally worth it! :) I keed, I keed. I’m finally back to normal after the worst stomach flu of my LIFE, and playing catch up is the name of the game.
So without further adieu, first is a sneak peek from a lovely session that I photographed last Sunday, which included two kiddos, two dogs and two cats!

Ellingsen Photography Family Long Beach Los Angeles Pets Kids Petography

So stinkin’ adorable. I had so much fun with them, can’t wait to share the rest!

I also mentioned that my auntie was in town, and she leaves this morning – major sad face! So last weekend was a whirl of birthday dinners, shopping excursions, coffee breaks and gourmet cooking. Elissa’s food is amazing and I’m so glad I was around to partake in the deliciousness that is her shrimp and filet mignon dinner:

Ellingsen Photography Shrimp Steak Dinner

Mmm yes. She also made grilled pork chops Sunday night but we gobbled those down too quickly to photograph.

And last night I made her and my mom sit for a few sister photos before she left. Luckily they’re good at cracking themselves up and all I have to do is press the shutter.

Ellingsen Photography Grown Up Sisters Portraits Orange County

So what did I miss? What’s new with you guys? I’m thinking a quiet weekend is in order, with maybe a quick trip out to the shelter.