Blog Tip :: Avatars

I’m a very visual person – shocker, seeing as I’m a photographer, I know. But I really do rely on my brain remembering what something looked like in order to best recall it – whether it’s a face, where I left my keys, or a book cover. It’s all about the images. Maybe that’s why I love reading so much; the movie version is always playing in my head. :)

So when I go to comment on my favorite blogs, I love to be able to see the faces of other commenters and make sure my own is there for the blogger to see too! And on here, I LOVE seeing my readers’ smiling faces in the comments.

So if you’re wondering how some of these super-special people managed to get their photos shown when they comment (aka avatars, i.e. an image you’ve chosen to represent yourself), may I suggest you head on over to Gravatar?

Basically, it’s a way to have your fave self-portrait associated with your email, so that it shows up anytime you leave a blog comment. Super simple!

From a business woman’s POV, this is a great way to keep your branding consistent! I have the same photo here at the top of my blog and for all my online accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. From a visual user’s POV, it also makes it easier for me to remember/recognize my web friends at a glance.

If you’re worried about security, I’ve been using Gravatar for over a year now and have never seen a single spam email or even an increase in spam as a result.

So head on over there and set yourself up, then come back and comment so I can see your shining faces avatars! :)


P.S. Gravatar did not ask me to write this, and I’m pretty sure they have no idea who I am. I just love to see the faces of my commenters!