A Sneak Peek!

While much of the new place is in a state of muted chaos (which, to neat freaks like us, means a few boxes unpacked, art not yet hung and curtains waiting to be put up),  there are a few spots that I’m already very happy with. :)

Such as the mantle, with super cute mini flags that I ordered and put in milk glass vases Nikki’s sister gave us, plus a memento from London (it originally held caramels, I think, and now is a coin bank).

Ellingsen Photography New Home Sneak Peek-Mantel

Vintage crackle glass, mini flags from our respective homelands (Poland and Norway) and a Konge Tinn candlestick holder that once belonged to my grandparents.

Ellingsen Photography New Home Sneak Peek-Mantel 2

Carefully arranged bookshelves (we’re both major bookworms) and hilarious towels in the guest bath, from Etsy seller Cyanide Stitches.

Ellingsen Photography New Home Sneak Peek-Books and Towels

Unfortunately I’m not one of those people who can have almost nothing on her desk (or just pretend to for the sake of photos). I love my mementos and photos too much! :) Next to my computer sits a classic Office Space-style red stapler, a Norwegian flag mug that I bought the last time we were home, desktop calendars I make every year (template by Paislee Press), and a favorite troll made by an artist from my dad’s hometown of Stavanger. (Similar to the giant one on my parent’s porch, as seen here.)

Ellingsen Photography New Home Sneak Peek-Desk

Isn’t my wall color gorgeous? I’m SO in love. It’s Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, which I chose after seeing this beautiful room makeover by AB Chao. It goes a little green, which works perfectly with my bedding (not to mention it’s my favorite color). :)

Both bedrooms came with amazing built-ins in the closets that span an entire wall, but I don’t really want to be looking at all my stuff all the time, so my brother helped me hang these adorable sheers from Ikea using their metal wire curtain rods. Total cost for the curtains and hanging supplies? $32.97 plus tax. Awesome.

Ellingsen Photography New Home Sneak Peek-Closet Curtains

What desk is complete without penguins and a Tardis USB hub, I ask you? :) I picked the penguins up as a set from Ikea years ago and they’ve traveled to many apartments, offices and homes with me.

Ellingsen Photography New Home Sneak Peek-Desk 2

Once I find a bedskirt and reading lamps I don’t hate, I’ll be back to share photos of my lovely padded headboard that I made. It’s the best!


P.S. Dante approves of this message. And the gorgeous new carpet (which, incidentally, is insanely difficult to white balance for).

Ellingsen Photography New Home Sneak Peek-Dante and Carpet