A New Family Member

So recently Sarah, my trusty photo assistant/handler/friend when I go to the shelter, has started working there as well. Coolest job, right? Well, try as hard as she might, she couldn’t stop visiting Cassidy, a gorgeous lab mix that we worked with earlier this year.

Ellingsen Photography Cassidy the New Family Member

So yesterday, after many visits and bringing Anja to see if they would get along (and of course, after getting my brother on board), she and Lars officially adopted her. Woohoo! Now Anja has a permanent playmate!

Originally, the shelter folks thought she would need to be adopted along with her brother Tiger, but after seeing how well they did with other roommates they felt comfortable separating them if need be.

I think Anja and Cassidy will match each other perfectly in terms of temperament and energy. Can’t wait to go over there tonight to play! I’m sure I’ll have photos soon. :)

Happy weekend everybody! If you’re in the LA area, the shelter is having a big event on Sunday where you can bring your four legged family members and get a photo with Santa! There will also be a bargain boutique, crafts from local artisans, a doggie kissing booth as well as a bake sale. I’ll be there all afternoon, come say hi!