A Foggy Dog Beach

Ellingsen Photography Huntington Dog Beach In the Waves

Last Saturday, after we had recovered from Thanksgiving, we drove out to the dog beach and met up with my cousin Sarah and her hubby Jim, who were in town visiting his side of the family. His dad came out with us too, and all together we were four dogs and six humans, enjoying the beautifully mild weather and each other’s company. Sarah and Jim’s dog is Taj, on the right in the top photo, a sweetheart of a doberman-German shorthair mix. He’s the biggest mama’s boy you’ve ever met, who’s scared to death of cats and loves to try and scare off/play with birds.

Ellingsen Photography Huntington Dog Beach The Fog

The craziest part was when the fog rolled in, really low and thick. We’ve never seen it do that midday! You couldn’t even see the pier to the south of us. It really moved fast too, reminding us of that Eddie Izzard bit. :) 

Ellingsen Photography Huntington Dog Beach Cassidy & Anja

Sarah and Jim live near a dog beach down in San Diego, and she was showing me this trick she’s taught Taj where she’ll point to a shell in the sand and he’ll dig it out for her. It’s too funny! We were entertaining ourselves, probably a bit too much, having him go digging up and down the beach. :)

Ellingsen Photography Huntington Dog Beach Digging All Together

Cassidy cracked me up by laying down and rolling in the sand the minute we got there. Her froggy pose is too cute!

Ellingsen Photography Huntington Dog Beach Cassidy Frog Legs

I swear Dante was there too, but I didn’t get too many shots of him since his favorite thing to do is sniff all the icky seaweed bundles that wash up on shore. He also loves to find dogs that are willing to chase him – both activities that take him pretty far away from my lens. ;)

How was your Thanksgiving/weekend, friends? Any good shopping deals? I only took advantage of the (extra) crazy coupons Michael’s had going on to stock up on supplies for Christmas gifts I’m making.