5 Things

A few awesome/amusing/interesting things in my world lately...

1. Slothilda. She is amazing and I love her. 

2. Jessica JonesLike most of my friends, Joel and I blew through this series. I just love the film noir touch and how well they balanced her femininity and toughness. Highly recommended to everyone - you really don't need to be a Marvel fan to enjoy because the exploration of what someone with super powers would do is so fantastic.

3. Our new scenery. Reno has been treating us really well, and I'm loving everything about it so far. I'm definitely not over seeing snow and being surrounded by gorgeous mountains (that aren't covered by smog all the time).

4. Old/new family photos. My mom recently had a bunch of my grandmother's old film scanned, and there are some real gems that we've never seen before - particularly from my parents' and grandparents' weddings! My grandmother had a huge archive; she always had her camera with her, but all the same it's crazy when we come across ones we haven't seen.

5. The Awkward Yeti. The best webcomic I've read in a long time! His stuff just cracks me up. This one on New Year's Resolutions is a particularly spot-on depiction of Joel and I. :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful start to the new year!