29 at 29


This year I turned 29 for the first time! (Wokka wokka!) Hooooly moly. I always have high hopes for each new age, but I think they’re especially high this year so that I go out of my 20s with a bang. I’ll at least turn 30 knowing for sure that: 1) I’m more comfortable with who I am than I ever have been, 2) wouldn’t go back to high school if you paid me, and 3) even greater things are coming.

I love looking back at these annual lists of things I love at each age – kind of like an annualized 10 Things. :) You can see 28 at 28 here.

  1. The generosity and support of my friends and family
  2. Our local green space/park. So grateful for somewhere open that Dante can run around in! The dog park is wonderful too, but we have to drive 15 minutes to get there.
  3. The VSCO Cam app
  4. Live comedy shows
  5. The dog beach. It’s free therapy…except for gas money.
  6. Making soup! It’s my favorite way to cook in the fall/winter. Favorites right now include cauliflower and leek, pumpkin and vegetable beef.
  7. The Nerdist podcast. Makes my daily commute so much more enjoyable!
  8. Storm clouds. Probably because they’re a rarity around here.
  9. Seeing the Indiana Jones trilogy in the theater. I’m still not over how awesome that was (in the original sense of the word).
  10. Nail polish thinner. It’s saved all my old favorites, they’re like new again! No more gloopy messes. (I use this one.)
  11. Hot chocolate in the morning
  12. The LA County fair. Wish I had gone more than once this year!
  13. My new Ephiphanie Lyric camera bag/purse, which Nikki generously gave me for my birthday. It’s perfection.
  14. Seeing all my old favorite movies in high def – totally doesn’t ruin them!
  15. Mexican Coke. Now sold at my local Target!
  16. Smart and thoughtful TV shows that are still fun, like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Mike & Molly and Castle
  17. Probably my favorite Dante photo of the year
  18. Making desktop backgrounds. Since I don’t make time for digital scrapbooking anymore, this is my only regular design outlet. :)
  19. Fresh film prints
  20. Anything made with pumpkin. Dante seconds that!
  21. Wearing my hair wavy/curly. (I’ve gotten better at it since that photo, promise.) Somewhere along the way my hair has gotten a lot more curl in it than it ever used to, and I’m taking full advantage of this new development.
  22. A new season of The Guild!
  23. Playing with makeup. I’m probably never going to outgrow that.
  24. Homemade balsamic vinaigrette. I use this recipe, the dijon mustard makes it creamier and delicious.
  25. Day trips. It never gets old. This year so far has included trips to San Diego, Santa Barbara, the Getty, Joshua Tree, Idyllwild, the California Science Center and the Natural History Museum!
  26. Lake walks. (As if I haven’t talked that to death.)
  27. Anything Star Wars. Probably the highlight this year was seeing the exhibit at the Discovery Museum.
  28. Pinterest. It truly is the online organization tool I always wanted! Without it, I would have a million lists and notes on scrap pieces of paper right now.
  29. Better control of my migraines. I’m cutting out more trigger foods/ingredients, starting new medications, and keeping my fingers crossed I lose as few days as possible during the coming busy holiday season! (My mom and I can’t recommend Managing Your Migraine enough.)


P.S. Portrait of me taken by Nancy in the LA Public Library last December.

P.P.S. Dante was given a clean bill of health yesterday. Phew!