28 at 28

Trude and Dante by Jen Disney

Whoa. Twenty-eight. Is it too soon for me to have to stop and think when somebody asks me how old I am? Because that started, like, two years ago.

A few years back, when I was still really big into digital scrapbooking (as in, was a part of several creative teams for different shops; now I only do it for gifts and cards and such), I started doing a list of things I love after each birthday. Kinda like my 10 Things series, except they were things that never failed to make me smile, the things that were my go-to happiness makers, what I’m grateful for. I love looking back on all those pages now, and I hope someday my kids will treasure them too! So, because I’m a girl of habits, here we go again this year…

  1. Sunday mornings spent curled up in bed with Dante and a good book
  2. Green nail polish in honor of my grandma (wearing it today!)
  3. Movie nights with my family
  4. Trips to the dog park
  5. Doctor Who
  6. A fresh pedicure
  7. Finally living with my BFF
  8. Listening to Up From Below...I just can’t get tired of it! It’s all Tara’s fault.
  9. Shooting film
  10. Instagram. In case you hadn’t noticed.
  11. Working with the shelter. It’s been over a year now and every time I go I’m filled with this immense joy and calm.
  12. Pumpkin spice lattes
  13. Honing my DIY skills (I still need to share my padded headboard! You can kinda see it here.)
  14. Day trippin’ with my girls and my family. Next up: Oak Glen.
  15. Sharing and learning (and dining…we love food) alongside my shutter sister, Nancy
  16. Josh Groban concerts…with fifth row seats thanks to Nikki
  17. Star Wars marathons
  18. Movie dates with my dad
  19. Burt’s Bees’ new tinted lip balm
  20. Adding to my library. New favorites this year include The Help, Game of Thrones, Flying Changes, The Postmistress and the Parasol Protectorate series.
  21. Harry Potter marathons
  22. Pinterest
  23. My dad’s Lemon Drop martinis
  24. Getting our bibs on at Cajun Swamp
  25. Catching up on The Guild with Mindy
  26. Spaghetti dinners at my parents’ house
  27. Debating ANTM and Project Runway episodes with the girls
  28. Thinking about what the next year will bring

Phew! I think I’m gonna have to call it quits after year 30, that took a while. ;) What a difference a year makes, huh? New home, different hair, single, but loving life just as much so much more. I know it sounds cliche, but I really love and know myself more now than ever before, and I wouldn’t be any younger if you paid me. Yes, I’m still totally awkward, but at least I’m aware of it. :)

I’m keeping things simple again this year, which is the way I prefer it. I had a big blowout for my quarter century (with a princess-themed bounce house and everything), but since then I’ve only wanted leisurely dinners and time with my family and friends. Last night, Mindy joined Nikki and I for takeout Japanese from my favorite local place and a surprise tres leches cake, and it was awesome to just hang out and catch up. Tonight I’m headed to my parents’ house for dinner – and I’m so looking forward to another of my mom’s marsipan tortes and a batch of my dad’s lemon drops for dessert. Mmmm yes. Tomorrow will see me sleeping in, crafting with Mindy, and then dinner, drinks and a movie with her and the rest of my friends. I totally asked to go to the same restaurant as last year, it’s just that good!

And that, my friends, looks like a pretty darn perfect weekend to me. Hope you have a great one too.


Photos by the wonderful Jen Disney.