10 Things

The weather is finally cooler, fall is almost here and my birthday is less than a month away. There’s a lot to love right now!
1. Australian red liquorice. Can’t get enough. The kind from Trader Joe’s is the best! Mmm sugar high.

2. The return of fall TV. Top Model started this week, plus Community and Big Bang Theory next week. Can’t wait! I’ll also be watching recording Bones, Castle, HIMYM and the new Zooey Deschanel show. What are your favorite fall shows?

3. Finding out where the good light is at different times of day in the new place. Wooo second floor windows!

Ellingsen Photography New Home Sneak Peek-7

4. Star Wars marathons on TV. It really doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen them – I can’t help myself!

Ellingsen Photography Instagram Star Wars Labor Day Marathon

5. Reading eBooks on my iPhone. I never thought I’d convert, but I downloaded the latest Parasol Protectorate book, Heartless, in less time than it took to set up my credit card info. Color me impressed. Yes, the screen is pretty small for lengthy reading, but if I’m out at lunch alone or something it’s awesome to have that with me – and not be reliant on internet/network access.

6. Having family that’s so photogenic. Maybe I’m biased but they’re awesome. I think this photo is going on the wall. :)

Ellingsen Photography Mom and Eirik Adorable

7. Watching True Blood with Nikki. This week, while watching the season finale, we were both screaming “WTF!!” in unison every five minutes! Who do you love most? I’m Team Lafayette all the way. (Is that even an option?)

True Blood Season 4 Poster

8. The Guild. Speaking of TV, you should really check out the best web series EVAH. It’s made even better by the fact that it’s written, produced, and stars Felicia Day, who basically started making it because she wanted to (and paid for it herself), and now it’s exploded everywhere. She’s kind of my role model. This season has been killer, and you can even see my brother and Sarah in the background of one particularly long scene (pictured on the left)! We also went and saw the whole cast do a live taping of the Nerdist podcast last week and it was awesome. They even screened all of the current season so far beforehand, including that week’s episode that hadn’t been released yet (right hand photo). Such a great group of people, making something for peanuts just because they love it so much. And it’s really all thanks to the power of the internet.

Ellingsen Photography The Guild Podcast Event September 2011

9. Trips to the dog park. It just doesn’t get old! And this week the weather has been perfect in the early evenings. I can’t wait to get my latest roll of film processed, there’s some frames I shot there that I hope came out okay!

10. Hanging out with my auntie. She came into town Sunday (from Hartford) for a conference that finished yesterday, and is staying until next Friday! Can’t wait for our shopping day together. It’s her fault I love purses so much. ;)

Happy Friday everybody! What’s making you happy lately?