10 Things

Good morning everybody! How was your weekend? Mine was lovely – we watched the royal wedding in full Friday night while drinking Lemon Drops, ran errands Saturday, had a delicious crab dinner and saw Water For Elephants Saturday night (actually really good!), and then spent the afternoon at the shelter yesterday.
So it should come as no surprise the top item on my 10 Things (Making Me Happy) list this time is…

1. Iced coffee with 2 pumps white mocha mix. (And a little bit of half-n-half.)

Ellingsen Photography Instagram Iced Coffee

I think I first got the idea after Elsie mentioned it on her blog, and with how hot it’s been lately it’s a nice alternative in the morning. :)

2. Adele.


Can that girl’s voice get any more amazing? Loving her new album. If I had the CD version of her last one I would have had to replace it, I listened to it so much. (Remember those days?) :)

3. More new artwork.

I Left My Heart in London print by Circle Prints

I took advantage of (yet another) weekly deal from Oh, Hello Friend and got this print by Circle Prints for just $10 and free shipping! I really did leave my heart in London after spending a summer there in 2004. :)

4. Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. I’m still not over it. So perfectly perfect, you can’t even hate her for it! And her reception dress was every bit as lovely. (P.S. Did you know the British Monarchy has a Flickr account? We really do live in the modern age, don’t we?)

Official Royal Wedding Photo Attendants

5. The Postmistress by Sarah Blake. I just finished it last week and absolutely loved it. Yes, it’s yet another story set during the London Blitz, but it comes from a totally different perspective and really reels you in after the first chapter or so. And Blake’s prose is so completely different and moving. Highly recommended! Now I’m on to Ken Follett’s latest, Fall of Giants, which I’m already liking so much more than the last few he’s put out.

6. Lucky the Cocker Spaniel. File this under happy/sad – sad because Lucky was returned to the shelter after being adopted, happy because this sweet guy is back on the market! Sarah and I couldn’t believe it when we saw him yesterday. I’m sure he’ll find a great home soon, so if you’re looking for a sweetheart family dog you’d better go see him ASAP!

Ellingsen Photography SBACC Adoptables-Lucky

7. Asparagus. I’m so happy it’s in season again! It’s one veggie I can eat endlessly in all forms, at any time. At dinner on Saturday we had a lobster crunch roll for an appetizer, and they used asparagus in it instead of cucumber. YUM. And yesterday I stopped by our local farm stand for some strawberries and couldn’t resist bringing home a couple bunches of asparagus for dinner too. We had them oven roasted (like the Pioneer Woman’s recipe) with sandwiches for a casual Sunday dinner. :)

8. This ASOS dress. Give it to me now! I’ll wear it every weekend this summer, promise.

9. New shoes. Who doesn’t love getting a new pair? My mom and I hit up Steinmart on Saturday and I found this pair by Dr. Scholl’s for only $50, cheaper than anywhere online! They’re super comfy; I have a feeling they’ll be getting a lot of wear this summer.

Dr Scholl's Talion Wedges

10. Thou Shall Not… This print by Swedish artist Ylva Skarp is Awesome with a capital A! I just wish she sold to the U.S. (Found via Kimberly on Pinterest.)

Thou Shall Not Take Shit Print by Ylva Skarp

So tell me – what’s been floating your boat lately?