10 Things

It’s been a while since the last time I made a list, and with everything that’s going on it’s about time I gave some thanks to these things that put a smile on my face!

1. Orly’s In A SnapThis quick-dry top coat is a godsend to this impatient, yet nail-polish-addicted girl. I’ve been using it for years and can’t imagine how I used to sit around for an hour waiting for polish to dry!

2. The Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger. First, how awesome is that name? Yes, it’s another series with werewolves and vampires, but I love the alternate Victorian London she’s created (very steampunk-y), and the main character reminds me of Amelia Peabody, the heroine of yet another series of books I love. I guess I’m drawn to strong female leads! :) These books are just good fun, great quick reads with well drawn characters.

3. Elsie’s new dress line for Red Velvet. My favorite is the Kite Day dress, which of course sold out almost immediately. I just love the print, which she had custom made based off her artwork (which is also gorgeous, I’ve got one of her prints and plan on collecting more). I’ve loved Elsie since she was just doing scrapbooking and photography, and I’m in awe of how much she’s accomplished!

4. Harry Potter marathons on TV. What, it was in HD! I rest my case.

5. This quote:

Something I need to keep in mind and I wish more parents practiced! Via the always-inspiring Notebook Doodles.

6. A DIY card I can actually make! So ridiculously cute, right?

7. This bedroom, by AB Chao. Ignore the fact that it’s for a young girl, I LOVE it! :) And it doesn’t hurt that AB is hysterically funny and a fantastic photog – love her blog too!

8. Nathan Fillion. The man can do no wrong. Do you guys watch Castle? He’s the reason I started watching that show, and now I’m vested in it so I can’t give it up! Luckily it’s really funny. :) I have to admit I’ve also been watching the re-airing of Firefly on the Science Channel, because it’s in lovely lovely HD. If you love him too, make sure to give a listen to his episode of the Nerdist podcast. Nearly an hour of witty and nerdy conversation. {Image via Fashionably Geek, which also has some great excerpts of his interview for EW.}

9. SkinnytasteI can’t remember how I stumbled upon this blog this week, but I’m definitely going to try out her recipes! I could really be eating better, but I don’t want to give up flavor in order to do so. This site has skinny versions of much-loved dishes, and that makes me much more in favor of this weird thing called “dieting”. I plan on starting with her Best of 2010 and we’ll see how they turn out!

10. DIY tutorials on the ‘net. It’s been amazing seeing how much information is really out there these days! Not that I didn’t know, but I haven’t been paying much attention to home stuff since I haven’t had one (of my own) to decorate for a couple years! Now that my BFF and I are getting closer to a new space, I’ve been drowning in home decor and DIY ideas. Here’s some of my favorites:

So link me up if you’ve seen any great DIYs out there! :) What’s making you smile these days?