10 Things

It’s finally been cold enough to wear socks to bed and use my electric blanket, the leaves that are supposed to change color or fall off finally have, and the madness of the holidays has passed. (Already?!?) There’s so much making me happy right now! Here’s the top ten:

1. A nail polish shelf. I think I ordered this shelf from UO about a year ago (similar one here), and upon discovering I needed drywall screws it kind of languished. I finally got it up on the wall recently with some help (thanks, pappa!) and couldn’t be happier now that I can see my collection in all its technicolor glory. Only downside is now I can really see the extent of my addiction. Ah, well, it’s cheaper than shoes, right?

Nail Polish Shelf by Ellingsen Photography

2. My new CrockPot. Nikki got me the coolest one ever for Christmas (six quarts, programmable count down, dishwasher safe), and I’ve been busy researching recipes all over the web. I even borrowed my mom’s old slow cooker cookbook. I’ve been trying a couple different recipes and I love just throwing it all in and letting it do the work for me! Please link me up in the comments if you have recipes you like!

New CrockPot by Ellingsen Photography

3. The Guild’s latest season. It recently finished, did you love it? Episodes are always free on YouTube.

4. Badass of the Week. I may have mentioned this awesome website before, but he just continues to crack me up with his epic expletive-infused history lessons of real life badasses. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely worth a read of you want a history lesson and good laugh in one! This feature of John Nicholson was fantastic.

5. Neutrogena’s Ultra Gentle Soothing Cream. It’s been really cold as far as SoCal winters go, getting down into the 30s and 40s at night, and my skin has reacted to all the dryness terribly. I’m normally pretty sensitive, plus my skin keeps getting drier the older I get. I got this face cream in desperation two weeks ago and the relief was almost immediate. Hooray for awesome moisturizer for less than $20!

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Soothing Cream by Ellingsen Photography

6. Recognizing comparison-itis. It’s a rampant disease, especially among creatives who are constantly showing the world their work, and the only cure is to remember this awesome quote. It makes me a lot more zen, that’s for sure.

7. Sending actual mail and cards. There’s really nothing like a handwritten thank you or birthday card. My mom always made us do it when we were kids, and it’s stuck. It also helps when you have fun address labels like these! (Designed them myself, TYVM!) :)

Ellingsen Photography Custom Address Labels

8. Historical Hounds. I found this article on Dog Milk about the amazing archive of old dog photos that the Boston Public Library made available on Flickr, and I must’ve lost at least an hour browsing through them. I realized that 1) people dressed up and spoiled their dogs almost as much as we do today, and 2) many were so well shot, I wondered about the photographer that was credited on all of them. Turns out Leslie Jones shot for the Boston Herald-Traveler for nearly 40 years, and his family donated his entire archive of negatives to the Boston Public Library. What a legacy! You can view the whole collection of dog photos right here. Here’s a few of my favorites:

9. Cousins that dress alike. Christmas Day is a casual day for us (we do almost everything Christmas Eve), so it was too funny when nearly all of the girls of the family came out wearing stripes. Great minds, hey? :)

Cousins in Stripes by Ellingsen Photography

10. Museum trips. My mom, my friend Melissa and I went to the Bowers Museum recently to catch the exhibit of Madeline Albright’s pins, as well as an exhibit of film costumes. I hadn’t been to the Bowers in years, but I just love how it’s on a smaller scale, so you can really see everything without your feet dying by the end. Their permanent collection of works by local artists is also worth seeing. Between that and a late lunch at The Playground, where their menu changes daily, it was pretty much the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

So what are you guys loving right now?