10 Things

What is it about summer that makes my brain get all jittery? There’s so many things I want to do, and so many events going on, and then I just want to throw Dante in the car and go to the dog beach. Forget spring cleaning, it’s summer that gets me motivated! Here’s some things floatin’ my boat lately.

1. Sara Bareilles’ Uncharted video. Don’t ask me how I hadn’t heard of her before, but somehow my radar missed her. I’m pretty sure Nikki hates me for how many times I’ve played this song. The video is especially cute with all these other artists lip syncing to the song! I’m also loving Gonna Get Over You.

2. Actually cooking. For the longest time I would get so caught up in getting measurements perfect (left over from first learning to bake, I think), but guess what? I don’t have to be exact! That fact finally sunk in. I’m kind of falling in love with the imperfection and experimentation of cooking. It’s about time! As my mom keep saying, “Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?” Recipes that have been loved and repeated (all from favorite bloggers, coincidentally) include cauliflower soup, estofado, roast chicken with dijon sauce and pasta with tomato cream sauce. They’re all very simple, straightforward, and pretty much done in under an hour.

3. Mexican Coke. It’s the simple things.

Ellingsen Photography Mexican Coke Bottle

4. Texts From Dog. This guy is hysterical! Just go read and enjoy. So many things are what I imagine Dante saying to me.  :)

5. The calm of Joshua Tree. Like I said when I posted this month’s desktop background, there’s nothing quite like that feeling when you first step out of the car and into the desert air. So awesome.

Ellingsen Photography Mindy in Joshua Tree
Ellingsen Photography Joshua Tree Lookout Point

6. Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech. I was pausing and writing down lines. Brilliant inspiration for aspiring human beings everywhere.

7. Quality family time. I see my parents regularly, since they live just 15 minutes away, but it was great this past month to do special weekend and day trips. At the beginning of the month, my mom and I headed down to San Diego to stay with my cousin and attend the Humane Society fundraiser walk, then celebrated Cinco de Mayo at my uncle’s house that night. And for Mother’s Day, I mentioned kidnapping my mom for the day. We had such a fantastic time! Love the shot my dad captured of us below.

Ellingsen Photography Family Weekend Trips
Ellingsen Photography Mom and Me Santa Barbara

8. Craig Ferguson in Scotland. I can’t keep up with his show regularly, but I definitely tuned in for his week of shows filmed in Scotland! Funny + sexy = I love that man. They’re all on YouTube, you can start with the first episode here.

9. VSCO Cam. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but for 99 cents you can’t get a better, more straightforward photo app! Love these recent shots – the newly reopened gardens at the Getty (I only shot film there, so I’ll have those up once I get them developed) and Dante’s paws and my junky running shoes with some jacaranda flowers. (Yes, Dante has one black nail.)

Ellingsen Photography VSCO Cam Getty Gardens
Ellingsen Photography VSCO Cam Paws & Feet

10. A klepto Iggy. One more dog funny – this video of a klepto Italian Greyhound! Makes me even more grateful that Dante won’t jump where he can’t see!

Hope you guys are having a great week so far! What tops your list right now?