10 Things

I originally started this series of “10 Things I’m Grateful For” on my personal blog, and I just can’t give it up! I find it’s such a great thing to do regularly, to take stock of what makes you happy and what you’re grateful for. I think I’d have to give original credit to Jessica Sprague for the idea.

This changes all the time for me (apart from the Big Things, like family, friends, Dante, my health, etc.), so here’s what’s currently floating my boat! If you want to do this too, make sure to comment or link me to your post, I’d love to know!

1. Discovering new music via the Grammys (of all places). Weren’t there some fantastic performances this year? Such a nice change. I especially loved Gwyneth rockin’ it with Cee Lo and some muppets (and that body suit! Go girlfriend!). Plus Mumford and Sons were awesome, now I’ve got the first song they played on repeat (and I don’t even usually like country!).

2. Felicia Day.

This girl is not only gorgeous but super talented. You may have seen her super popular geeky web series The Guild or in a ton of other places (Buffy, Dollhouse, Eureka). She writes, acts, produces, etc. Her newest project was just recently announced and I can’t wait to see it! She’s a testament to the awesomeness of geek girls everywhere!

3. From Me To You.

I’m probably the last person to discover this lovely photog’s blog, but on the off chance I’m not, I’m sharing it with you, dear reader. :) She just did an outfit each day of the most recent NY Fashion Week inspired by an iconic Hollywood woman. So gorgeous! And I loooove what she does with GIFs – so much more than your basic internet “moving picture”! I’m hesitant to say just how much time I spent going back through the archives the other day.

4. Mac Studio Fix Powder + Foundation.

WHEREHAVEYOUBEENALL MY LIFE? Just the right mix of creamy into a compact powder. Thank you, Katie, for showing me the light!

5. Oscar parties. Last year my friends and I got together with a ton of food and drinks to watch the Oscars, and we’ll be doing the same this year! Nothing super fancy, just good eats and good laughs. Luckily the talented Kathleen over at Twig and Thistle updated her free download-able Oscar suite from last year that includes the cutest ballot, because we love to compete for the most correct guesses! Also, full disclosure: I loooove watching the Fashion Police review the dresses afterward – please tell me I’m not the only one! :)

6. Pretty Packaging. I just love when photographers are willing to share with and enable others in their profession instead of seeing them as competition, and Justin & Mary embody that perspective. {Side note: I went to their Spread the Love workshop last year and it was wonderful!} They recently did a blog post on their packaging sources and I loved it – even if you’re not a photog, but a gift wrap addict, you should check it out!

7. Cajun Swamp. My new favorite restaurant. My shutter sister/BFFNancy first took me there a few weeks ago. I’ve already gone back since then and I’m still craving it! I highly recommend the steamed shrimp (served in a stew with potatoes, corn on the cob pieces and sausage) and garlic bread. Easily enough for three people. Plus you get to wear a bib – how fun is that?

8. A good motivator. Mom and I, along with my brother Lars and Sarah and our dogs, have been going on longer and longer nightly walks, and keeping track of it all with the RunKeeper app. It’s tough to get motivated by myself, but having them around, plus Dante’s happy “going on a walk” face, keep me going most nights! We’ve already walked further this month than all of last month. Not that I’ve noticed any weight loss (of course), but at least I have more energy!

9. This piece by artist Trey Speegle:

Seriously. At least I can say I’m not waiting anymore! :) Seen on the lovely blog Design Is Mine.

10. Mr. Sunshine.

I really did not expect to love this hilarious show, but the cast is super charming (hello Allison Janney and Jorge Garcia!) and it’s finally a more original setting for a show. Other shows I’m making time for (and by “making time for”, I mean recording and watching on Friday nights when I’m too tired to do anything else) are Castle, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Glee. What are you guys watching lately?