And Baby Makes Three

Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada

I was thrilled when fellow new mom Malina asked me to photograph her, her husband Cody and baby Bennett. We went down to a lovely park near Washoe Lake and tried to pretend like it wasn't almost 90 degrees that day. I'd say they did an awesome job! Bennett was a trooper too, I just want to squish those cheeks every time I look at these.

Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada

When you're working with wee ones, a snack break is to be expected. Malina handled it like a pro, out at the park with the wind whipping around!

Family Baby Nursing Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada
Family Baby Photography Reno Nevada

They were just the sweetest and so fun to work with. Hope we can do it again sometime!


Missing the Motherland


Today is Syttende Mai, or Seventeenth of May, which is Norway's independence day. I always get extra homesick in the summer, because that's when we usually visit, but my dad went earlier than usual this year. So between his taunting texts and photos and Syttende Mai happening, I'm especially missing it and thought I'd share a few photos from the last trip in 2015 that I never took the time to sort through. Going through them has definitely helped me miss it just a bit less. :)


These are from one particularly magical evening, close to midsummer. We had gone to my uncle's summer cabin on the island of HalsnΓΈy. It's only accessible by ferry, and the cabin is at the top of a hill on the tiny island that you have to park halfway up and walk the rest of the way. But the views...oh my goodness are they ever worth it.


The cabin is designed for the views, of course, and all around has that perfect, effortless, messy-planned garden that I'm always so jealous of. It also plays to the kids and grandkids - not one but two rope swings! I don't know if I've ever been so relaxed, sitting out there with a cold drink and everyone enjoying each other's company, refusing to go inside except to grab a sweater against the evening chill (or to check soccer scores).


Bear in mind these were all taken after 6pm - they call it the Land of the Midnight Sun for good reason! #thosesummernights


And then my uncle pulled out one of these floating lights from a trip to Thailand. Perfect cap to the evening!


With a sun that never *quite* sets at that time of year, the extended twilight is a photographer's dream. The only trouble is staying up that late when you've been sightseeing and traveling!


What about you guys? Do you get homesick at certain times of the year?


Miss Livvy

As previously mentioned, we were expecting a baby girl in February. Well, Miss Livvy (Olivia) made her arrival nearly three weeks early, on January 25th. Labor went about as well as it could have, with just a few minor issues, and our girl came into this world a petite 5 pounds 7 ounces. She has since made up for it!

At just over three months, she is a smiley, energetic baby who is interested in everything mama and daddy do, and we are so incredibly in love. It's amazing the shift that happens in your psyche when you bring a child into this world. You really will do anything for them, and you're equally fascinated and exhausted by every little thing they do.

We're still adjusting to the new normal around here (do you ever really stop?), but really so happy with this new chapter in our lives. Here's a few highlights from the little one's life so far:

2018-02-01 09.29.31 2.jpg
2018-02-01 09.29.31 1.jpg
2018-02-04 09.19.19 1.jpg
2018-02-13 09.43.13 1.jpg
2018-02-18 06.44.20 2.jpg
2018-02-26 09.07.35 1.jpg
2018-03-16 12.39.06 1.jpg
2018-03-24 10.21.04 1.jpg
2018-03-24 10.21.05 2.jpg
2018-03-27 09.16.34 1.jpg
2018-03-27 09.16.36 1.jpg
2018-03-27 09.16.39 1.jpg
2018-04-12 08.25.08 1.jpg
2018-04-19 03.29.20 1.jpg
2018-04-23 11.34.25 1.jpg

We have been absolutely blown away by the love and support for this child and our little family, both prior to and since her birth. We are so very lucky and appreciative of the amazing people we have in our lives!


Coming at You, 2018


The second half of 2017 really flew by, but I have a good reason - we're expecting a baby girl in mid February! 

If we're friends on social media I'm sure you saw our announcement photo above - Joel and I are big fans of kettlebells, so when the idea for this shot occurred to me I knew it was perfect. And how cute is that tiny 10 lb bell?

I'm just so thankful everything is progressing normally and with nothing but the usual symptoms (except for my chronic migraines, which came roaring back after the first trimester, but with all these crazy hormones I probably should have expected it). I think I've got about the most standard pregnancy going on, knock on wood! Especially since we went through a miscarriage almost exactly a year ago, which was devastating at the time but has really made it so darn easy to be grateful for everything.

My mom got the photo below when my parents visited at the beginning of December (I was about 30 weeks along), and I feel like it perfectly sums up where I'm at right now. An egg on legs. :)


2017 was a banner year for us, we did so much and have come so far since our move to Reno a little more than 2 years ago, and I know 2018 has even more in store! Besides adding to our family, we plan on buying a home, taking a real vacation and I'll be leaving my job and working from home part time. So many changes, so much opportunity! We're coming at you, 2018!


Hope this year is the best year yet for all of you too! Any exciting plans? I think I'm going to go take a nap.

Lars & Sarah :: Palos Verdes & Huntington Beach Wedding

When people talk about modern weddings, where couples are really thinking about what they want, scaling back, and remembering what's most important, I think my brother and his wife really hit the mark. They had a private ceremony in Palos Verdes on Thursday at sunset, at a stunning location that meant a lot to Sarah when she was growing up. It was just them, her brother officiating, and me, and it was so very special. They opted to stay in a lovely nearby hotel that night and really got to enjoy being married without any distractions.

Then Friday was the parrrrtay at the Newland Barn in Huntington Beach. It's the cutest location that you wouldn't even know was there, with food from one of their favorite vegan restaurants and all their favorite people. What more do you need, right? Being the amazing party planner that she is, Sarah made sure everything looked lovely without being fussy.

I've already shared their engagement photos and a few from the ceremony, so here's a selection of my favorites from those two days. It's always hard to narrow down favorites, but when it's family it's extra hard!

They really lucked out with the weather, it was perfect both days - not always a guarantee in March, even in SoCal!

Big thanks to my dad for taking a few shots that actually had me in them! :)

Family to the rescue when the groom cuts his finger!

They've been together 10 years, so I already know their marriage is going to be amazing - they need no luck wished upon them! I can't wait to see what life brings for them.

P.S. Hooray for adding two sisters-in-law to my family in 6 months!