Thank you for stopping by! You're probably wondering how I pronounce my name, and that's okay - think of it like True-duh.

As long as I can remember, my dad would have his camera handy. I didn't think twice about it growing up, but now I'm amazed at what he was able to capture of three kids that were perpetual motion machines. When I was in high school, I started getting the itch myself and I begged him to teach me the magic of his Nikon FM. Something about that shutter sound is just so irresistible! Plus I think it's in my DNA, because both my grandmother and my aunt (on my mom's side) are enthusiasts too. I love pouring over their stacks of albums.

I moved to Reno, Nevada in late 2015 and my husband and I were married here on October 1, 2016. We just added to our family in January of 2018 and are crazy in love. However, with so much of our friends and family in Southern California, I'll be in the area regularly.

Some things you should probably know about me:

  • I'm fiercely proud of my Norwegian heritage and dual citizenship - I was born in Norway and moved to SoCal when I was five. I visit family there as often as possible.
  • I wear glasses because I've been a bookworm ever since my parents rewarded me for good grades with new books.
  • Indy wins over Han (but only because my degree is in history...and the hat).
  • I like hugging. Hugging's my favorite.
  • I have a really loud laugh. I apologize in advance for any burst eardrums.
  • I use the word awesome about 75 times a day.
  • I am a proud member of I Picture Hope, an international network of photographers who offer FREE photo sessions to women fighting or surviving breast cancer. While I haven’t lost a loved one to breast cancer, there has been a prevalence of other types of cancer on both sides of my family and this is my way of honoring their memories in the best way I know how.

I've also shared some thoughts on what drove me to start up this little one-woman business of mine, and what photography truly means to me.

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